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Welcome to Heirloom Jewelry, founded by entrepreneur Cheryl Lais.

š› My Early Story š›


My love of antique, vintage, estate and heirloom jewelry started early in life. The gifts of shining jewelry that my grandfather presented to my grandmother caught my eye and became a life’s passion.


That passion continued through college. As a college student, I acquired jewelry knowledge by shopping for estate jewelry at garage sales, church sales and by word of mouth, then selling my newly-discovered “finds” to the local antique stores I passed, walking to and from campus. This supplemented my college tuition, provided an early sharpening of both my jewelry and business experience, and complimented the knowledge I acquired while completing my business administration degree.


After college, my association with jewelry was interrupted by a 15-year corporate career. Wanting to incorporate my passion for antique jewelry into my daily life, I decided to utilize my corporate experience and business degree to create my own antique jewelry business, Heirloom Jewelry.



š› My Business š›


I founded Heirloom Jewelry at Hopkins Antique Mall in 2002, and continue to maintain my business there. Heirloom Jewelry is a boutique store, nestled in a place that brings back the memories of another era, where I can meet and collaborate with antique jewelry-loving clients. Many hours of hard work have steadily built Heirloom Jewelry from the ground up.


I travel Europe and the United States studying, searching for, discovering, and purchasing unique estate jewelry to bring back to my clients. My time spent studying vintage jewelry benefits not only myself, but my clients as well. Learning to distinguish between exceptional, quality estate jewelry, versus more-available, run-of-the-mill jewelry, has allowed me to discover exceptional designs and amazing antique jewelry from the past for my clients.


I research my vintage jewelry, utilizing multiple sources to provide clients with information on the content and karat weight of the metal, gemstone identification and a determination that the diamonds and colored gemstones are “natural-mined, from the ground.” It is important to me to determine the authenticity of each piece, whether it is “real or reproduction,” and to assure my clients that their prized vintage gems from Heirloom Jewelry are truly antique, vintage or estate jewelry. For this, I draw on the knowledge of numerous experienced professionals, working closely with goldsmiths, gemologists and appraisers to provide all the services my clients need, in order to offer them the very best. Classic jewelry from the past is not only known for its allure, but also for its intrinsic value. The value is not necessarily found merely in a low price, but is found when quality design and value come together. That is my goal for each and every piece of jewelry, for each and every client, for each and every occasion.

š› My Jewelry š›


My heirloom jewelry is the true star of the show! Exquisite antique, vintage, estate and heirloom jewelry graces the showcases at Heirloom Jewelry. My passions are beautiful diamonds, richly-colored gemstones, and their elaborate settings, which greet my clients from the many eras of rich jewelry history. Heirloom Jewelry's selection is vast: from the delicate designs of Queen Victoria’s time, to the fashionably elite styles of the Edwardian era, through the romance of Art Nouveau pieces, continuing on with the geometric patterns, so loved by flappers during Art Deco years, and winding up with the Hollywood-inspired creations of Mid-Century jewelry. Many choices are available from your favorite jewelry era. All of Heirloom Jewelry's selections are fashioned in gold, platinum or sterling silver, with an extensive in-store selection of rhinestone, fashion and costume jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.


Heirloom Jewelry’s entrancing designs delight my clients, including, but not limited to, the brides, bridal consultants, designers, personal shoppers, photo stylists, and costume designers in the acting community needing antique jewelry for plays, movies, and even awards ceremonies, such as the Oscars. For less formal events, my discriminating clients find the perfect jewelry to complete a special look, or to brighten up their daily wardrobes. Whether for life’s celebrations such as engagements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, for acquiring a first piece of fine estate jewelry, or just because, my extensive antique jewelry selection is unequaled!


I have been able to share my passion for antique and estate jewelry through speaking at various antique clubs and community centers, offering advice on what treasured heirlooms are valuable, á la PBS’s Antiques Roadshow. Throughout the years I have sold jewelry in nearly every way imaginable—at shows, parties, on consignment, at private events, trunk shows, fundraisers, and now on my website.


Heirloom Jewelry is unique, with each and every piece of estate jewelry hand-selected by me. Once gone from my collection, my jewelry will reappear on its new owner, gracing the fingers, shining from the delicate earlobes, resting on the neck, or adorning the wrist. I work hard to help each client discover the perfect jewelry to fit their dreams and lifestyle. Quality, design and value combine in each piece of antique jewelry. I take pride in being able to offer jewelry that is cleaned, restored if need be, and brought back as close to original condition as possible. This new life allows each client to add their own history to it, before passing it along as an heirloom to a lucky loved one at a future time. My mission is to discover and offer this prized antique, vintage, estate and heirloom jewelry from the past, to share in its preservation, and to ensure that it lives on in future generations.



š› My Welcome To You š›


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my store!

Choose from Heirloom Jewelry once, and you’ll be a client, a friend, for life!

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